Vanessa C., Compensation Manager, FCL

What I liked the most about the training session was that it was very reflective. We talked a lot about current issues, and opened the floor to great conversation on what needs to change and how we can do it differently. I truly think that this session opened our eyes and allowed us to better connect with and get to know each other.

Adam H., CEO, Agritech America

“[AAG] seems to have a natural talent for creating a welcoming environment, and I never hesitated to want to speak up and engage – [they] want to hear from everyone, and that has made the support go very well for our whole team. The tips, guidance, coaching and strategies that [they] provide us…are excellent, and can easily be executed. Our company is stronger because of it.

Gary L. Bayer, Area Sales Manager, Bayer/Interag

The work AAG provides is excellent! The facilitator and process provided me with an understanding and empathy for people I work with. It was great that we could develop a team charter to use as a team to move forward.

Adam L., CEO, JNE Welding

[AAG] provided some team and leadership development at JNE Welding. Our team found [their] approach engaging and we’re a stronger, more accountable team thanks to their work. Thanks, AAG!